Our carefully picked attorneys with qualifications over the highest standards will deliver to our every customer best service possible at any moment. We represent some of the most influential and most significant business in Costa Rica while handling most difficult cases in the country. Our mission is to solve case most efficiently and realize an opportunity for our clients.

The Best Lawyers in Costa Rica

As our firm is based on the collaborative culture, it assures a high level of service that creates that real value to our clients all over the country. Recognized by our commitment and devotion to passionate client service besides delivering effective and creative business solutions our clients stay in cooperation with us feeling safe and secure in any moment.

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Our Satisfied Clients

Matt Lepig

“I experience most thorough, attentive and prompt service ever with this firm. I feel in some moments like I was their only client. They care and work to ensure every interest of their client is protected. They got me every recommendation for sure.”

Steven Kenton

“Knowledge and trust is something I search for every business and cooperation. These guys understood this from the beginning, and I feel that for them this kind of relationship with me was only natural for them.”

Wanda Evans

“Doing business with this team was an only pleasure for me. So much experience and professional relation I didn’t experience for a long time doing any business. Anybody who chooses their service will only be impressed by their total dedication to customer satisfaction.”

We Can Help With any Legal Issue

With outnumbering years of experience on our side, we are fully prepared to provide the best service to address any legal concerns to our clients. No matter if somebody is injured in some serious accident or dealing with some immigration system complexities we are always ready to help. Passion found in our most effective attorneys, and counsels will resolve any most complex commercial dispute or legal issue.