The most important laws in Costa Rica

There are hundreds of laws in Costa Rica of great importance, but we will mention here few of them which are as important also very useful to know when visiting this country. Costa Rica feels strong about these laws and the fact they should be understood and respected by all visitors.

Law of wildlife conservation

The beautiful natural environment of Costa Rica is at the top of the list. If Costa Rica didn’t create their continuous protection of lands and wildlife in the past, they wouldn’t have an even close environment like today. Wildlife Conservation Law 7317 is dedicated to the conservation of the wildlife, and it says that you do not remove any plant or engage with any wild animal by removing them from their habitat or feeding them. Consequences of not obeying this law can be really serious. Changing natural habits of these animals could end tragically, for example by feeding them from the car they are attracted to cars in hope to get some food and they get killed accidentally on the roads.

National law of archaeological heritage

Costa Rica is country which has really rich history and diversity. There are outnumbering archaeological sites throughout the whole country which are in the plan of future processing by professionals. Also, there are still outnumbering archaeological sites that are still uncovered. Act No.6703 National Law of Archeological Heritage states that all objects in the area of archeological sites all over the country belong to the government of the country and must be passed into the hands of the state and kept by National Museum. Of course, this hasn’t been the case over the years, and there are many discovered moments of removing archaeological objects without permission. So if you in any future visit this beautiful country and stumble on some ancient object, please make sure to report it and don’t even try to bring it home with you.

Law against sexual exploitation of an underage person

It is an extremely important law protecting children and underage person. It is protection and support of the Costa Rican children with the main goal to stop promoting sex tourism and sexual abuse against foreign and underage children. Any person who commits any of these acts will be condemned with the full weight of the law. So while visiting, for this reason,, please at least be cautious in regards to the age of these individuals and ask for some ID. Also if ID seems fake and the person looks underage anyway turn away. Be human and help protect the rights of Costa Rican children.