Different types of lawyers

Today there are so many lawyers that specialize in about anything we can think or imagine of. The legal field is actually very complex and large, and because of this, it is possible to find a lawyer out there that is dealing specifically with the exact type of your legal problem. So as there are so many different types of lawyers, we will focus on most common ones.

Personal injury lawyer

This one is representing parties in personal injury disputes. This is also referred to mental harm that can also result in an injury. Their practice includes legal actions such as a civil battery, product liability, medical malpractice, and defamation.

Estate planning lawyer

They are here to help their clients making plans for what happens to their assets and estate after they die or become incapacitated. Attorneys specialized in this area sketch legal documents like wills, trusts, and deeds. Tax implications are also involved in this service.

Government lawyer

In every single aspect of government, there are specific lawyers. As there are many levels of government each one has its own attorney, for example, there is on the federal level within FBI attorney that does the Department of Environmental Protection. These attorneys act on behalf of government ministers and administrative staff giving needed advice and case solutions.

Criminal lawyer

These attorneys are usually working in the fast-paced environment and are spending most of their time on the court. There are two types, prosecutors and defense attorneys. First ones bring criminal charges against individuals accused of committing a crime, and they work for the state. Other ones defend people accused of committing a crime. Usually private criminal defense attorneys are earning much more money than public ones.

Immigration lawyer

This practice helps people with the paperwork and the process for obtaining visas and green cards. Also includes help to people to defend themselves while facing deportation. Any type of problem regarding issues like citizenship, asylum or refugee, visas and green cards will better solve when working with these attorneys. There are a lot of attorney and firms that specialize and focus on specific type of immigrants, for example, ones that help athletes come to the United States.