5 Pro Tips for Dealing with Divorce During the Holidays

Divorce is rarely easy on either party. This is doubly true during the holidays, which typically tends to be a time of family celebrations. If your divorce is taking place during this period, it’s good to have a bit of extra guidance.

Below are five professional tips that will help you to make it through the holidays in a graceful manner.

1. Get Outside Guidance

One of the big divorce tips from family therapy is to get outside guidance when necessary. The holidays can be tough even during the healthier times in a relationship, so don’t feel like you’re letting anyone down by visiting your therapist.

You don’t have to go with your former spouse to attend the therapist, though it might be a good idea to bring your children along if possible. Get the support you need to minimize any emotional damage.

2. Realize You Aren’t Alone

Divorce has been growing dramatically among those over the age of 50, which means that society, in general, is finally coming around to the idea that some relationships directly come to an end.

For someone going through a divorce during the holidays, this means that there’s less of a stigma attached to being alone during this time of the year. Don’t feel like you have to hide your status or that you need to put on a brave face.

3. Put Your Focus Elsewhere

This is an ideal time to focus on something other than your divorce. If you have been looking at divorce advice for business partners, you already know that you still have to keep concentrating on your business.

Put your energy there, or on your family, or even on a community project. The more power you can put towards useful things, the less you’ll waste on your divorce.

4. Learn to be Flexible

Flexibility is a vital part of making it through the holidays. You might not be able to do things exactly as you did them during your relationship, so don’t try to force things into the same old boxes.

Get ready to make new traditions and to adhere to new schedules. This can be tough, but flexible going into the season will take away some of the stress.

5. Allow Yourself to Grieve

Finally, it’s essential that you give yourself some time to grieve that which once was. Even if you’re happy to be out of the relationship, you might still miss what you had during the holidays.

Set aside a bit of time to feel sad about what you had and to look forward to what comes next. If you can admit that things have changed, you’ll be able to move on a bit more easily.

The Bottom Line

In the end, you’ll have to admit that your life is changing. If you can take care of yourself, redirect your energy and permit yourself to change, though, the holidays will still be a wonderful time. Your relationship might be over, but you’ll get the chance to ring in the new year by starting a new life.