5 Marketing Tips We Used to Grow Our Legal Practice

Many law firms are in need of an upgrade when it comes to their marketing strategies. Without utilizing today’s top trends in their marketing repertoire, law firms are unlikely to experience any significant growth.

Understanding Marketing

Short of hiring a marketing team to upgrade the company, a law firm can tackle a few of the most basic marketing strategies on their own. Read on to learn how we revitalized our marketing in five simple ways.

1. Retain Relationships with Past Clients

The key to success in any business is fostering good relationships with clients. Be sure to tap into this strategy by making a point to reach out to former clients or a referral source that you may not have spoken to in a while. Expand on the call by inviting this person for coffee or a quick chat at the office. Similarly, calling a client to follow up on their expectations following their business with the firm is a great way to stay fresh in their mind.

2. Focus on Increasing Brand Recognition

While a law firm is a particular type of business, it should still be viewed as a brand. When looking to market your law firm, it’s important to focus on building recognition and awareness for your brand.

A law firm can increase their brand awareness by focusing on offering expert services for very niche areas of law. As you advertise your services, be sure to focus on a target audience that would be most likely to search for and use your company’s services. Similarly, law firms that are well known throughout the community are often the first choice of new clients. Use this as an opportunity to get involved in local organizations and increase brand recognition through event sponsorship and philanthropy.

3. Branding and Building an Identity

A law firm that hopes to be able to build up a reputation and awareness online and in their community needs to focus on solidifying their identity through clear branding. Companies that have their imagery, logo, name, colors and all other forms of graphic design in sync will always be more memorable than some legal company with a barely functioning website.

A law firm can work with a professional designer to work out any branding concerns. With the right look, your firm will have a clean and polished presence on the Internet and social media, as well as in print.

4. Focus on Search Engine Optimization

SEO isn’t just a marketing buzzword–it’s a lifeline for all law firms hoping to increase their business. With search engine optimization or SEO, companies can best tailor their content to be found by clients searching for the right legal aid. Law firms can take advantage of SEO by using particular keywords in their websites, blogs, and social media posts. Similarly, using Serpco Legal SEO Services can help you gain a better understanding of how SEO works.

5. Up the Ante with Local SEO

With local SEO, law firms can tap into their local consumer base by targeting the geographic area that they live in. This strategy should focus on creating digital content that uses keywords focusing on lawyers and attorneys in your city.

Law firms, like any other business, need to rely on new marketing strategies to survive. Use the five tips to make sure your firm is making the most of its marketing.